Do you know that your neck is even more sensitive than your face, so have you ever thought about how you should apply a firming or anti-aging cream on it? I guess, our concern is quite limited when it comes to this matter because most of the time, we just focus on what solution to use, where to buy it and who to consult with. And then, those who do not ask for a professional help tend to use whatever is available or popular in the market, which is actually not a smart move.

Let’s say that you have no time to consult a dermatologist, but why don’t you make use of the technology and visit sites like, where you can get relevant information about the various solutions. It is true that your friends can tell you the facts, but these are just based on their personal experiences, which may not even work for you because you we different types of skin. Some of you are even relying on the instructions alone because you were not given an expert’s advice, so what if you failed to properly follow it?

By the way, there are a few things that every person needs to learn and that is, if you would like to use a cream for your neck. These things are often ignored and was given less importance due to their lack of knowledge. Therefore, you should not use it anytime you want to, and it is not also good to use the one that is not specifically tailored for your personal needs.

When to Use and Apply

It is very important to know when you should be using the cream. Some of you may use it only once and that is during the day or night, while the others put it on twice. However, when you should put it on will also depend on the contents of other solutions, that’s why instructions must be followed strictly to prevent future problems like irritation. Read here to learn more about the difference between day and night moisturizers.

Keep in mind that your neck is also a part of your face, which is visible and exposed to sunlight and other natural elements. Now, what you use on your face is also applied to the neck. For example, if you are using a moisturizer in the morning with an SPF content, obviously, you do not need it during the night because there won’t be any exposure to the sunlight.

Let’s say that you have a cream that contains retinol, you may only need it at night. Do forget that retinol and the SPF contents must not be used at the same time. Therefore, the ones with SPF would be ideal in the morning and with retinol at night.

Special Application

Again, your neck skin is more sensitive and delicate because it is much thinner than your face. This is the reason, why it is aging is seen faster in this area. So, you should be careful when applying a solution and make sure not to pull it.

The way you put it on is the same with your face, where you follow a certain motion, which is upward sweeping. It is a special technique, where you work against the gravity.

Always remember that you have to be extra gentle when applying a solution. You have to leave it for a few minutes to settle it down. Allow time before putting on something and do not let your hair or any fabric to touch the skin when it has not yet dried.


If you are wishing to achieve the best result and the maximum experience, stick with a one-layer solution. But then, you may still do the layering with the expert’s advice. Let’s that you have to follow a particular order and it could be from lightest to heaviest weight and this must be a consistent order.

After putting on one solution, this will be absorbed by the skin. Since the skin will absorb every content and as much as it can, the skin may not be able to absorb the next layer of cream. It may still absorb, but just a very small percentage.