Most women in North America are under the height of five feet eight inches. Women who fall under the height of five foot three inches usually fit into the petite, or short, category. Petite doesn’t always coincide with skinny, there are many petite women who are quite shapely. If you’re petite, learning and implementing a few of these tips is a great start at helping you look taller.

Shorter women might sometimes feel that they get lost in the crowd. Taking advantage of a few of these hints to help make you look taller can be great in creating the illusion of a couple extra inches.

Wearing ankle boots with shorts or mini skirts on bare legs is considered somewhat of a no-no according to the fashion world. These bulky boots make you appear shorter when worn on bare legs. If you want to wear them with shorts, try wearing some tights that match the boots. As obvious, high heels are also a great way to look a little taller. Bulky shoes with heels may defeat the purpose, so the sleeker the shoes, the better.

If you love long dresses, but don’t have the height to pull it off, try wearing some heels that show your toes. Another tip is to try to divide the top of your body and the bottom in contrasting colors. This will make your lower half appear longer – for example, wearing short shorts that just come down to the top of your waist. Wearing long shirts will make you appear shorter.

Long hair on a short body can often make you appear even shorter. Short hair helps create the illusion of a taller body. If you have long hair and don’t want to cut it, try wearing it up or pulled back. Long hair often takes over the look of short women, leaving not much else to be noticed. The shorter your hair, the taller you will look.

And finally, one of the most well known pieces of fashion advice for petite women is to wear vertical stripes. Wearing things that have stripes going straight up and down help you look taller, as opposed to horizontal stripes that make people look wider. V-necklines and dresses with hemlines that reach the top of the knee or higher are other fashion tips that may help as well.