There is a huge difference between black dress shirts and just about any other colour in your wardrobe. White shirts are formal and standard, while a striking black shirt can give off a whole new kind of vibe; however, it takes a great deal of skill to pull one off. Wear a black shirt with a black suit and you risk becoming a black hole with a total absence of colour! Since this fashion item is making something of a comeback, here are the best ways to wear it.

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Under a jumper

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Things such as polka dots and crazy patterns are obviously excluded from this collection, but a sleek black shirt collar looks good, especially when poking out from under a tastefully colourful V-neck jumper. Try darker colours such as navy and burgundy, or perhaps an argyle.

Black on black: a good idea?

Farah shirts come in all colours; however, people are sometimes wary of buying black because of the dangers. The key to making this combo look good is to break it up; for example, you could wear white shoes or another brightly-coloured accessory to break the black up. Just remember to keep it casual. Even black T-shirts work with this combo, but nothing does the trick like a dress shirt.

A pinstripe suit could do the trick

This banker-come-gangster style of fashion works wonders for the simple black dress shirt. The pattern in a pinstripe suit will break up the solid block of black and be complementary, in a similar way to the more casual jumper combination. It can look just as striking, if not more so, than any other colour available to you.

Go gangster

If none of the above options appeal to you, why not throw all inhibitions aside and let out your inner gangster? Wear your black dress shirt under a swanky suit and inject it with colours from the red family in the form of ties and other accessories. Whack on a fedora. Go wild. Menswear specialists such as have a wide selection of shirts, gangster or not.

These suggestions will open the door to the world of black shirt possibilities. There is a style that suits any man – you just have to find yours and wear it with the level of confidence this fashion piece demands.