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Men Fashion Tips for a More Creative Look


Nothing beats a well-dressed man. If you wish to look stunning and classy for your everyday look, then you might want to consider some of these men’s fashion tips.

Be Natural

We all want to wear fashionable clothes but before you even don a new style, make sure you don’t look like everyone else. You can always be fashionable without being a copycat. If you wish to put on that creative look, make sure you know how to complement your attire with accessories. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new styles and designs.

Learn to Mix and Match

According to fashion experts, wearing the same style day after day can be a bit boring. When it comes to creating new looks, people tend to be very creative. You may be wearing the same shirt day in and day out but you can surely turn your usual attire into a more sophisticated look. Don’t hesitate to incorporate unique pieces or accessories into your daily attire. Just make sure your outfit will reflect who you really are.

Take the Risk

Remember that fashion is not just all about looking good. It is important that you also feel good about yourself while wearing unique and fashionable outfits. Don’t try to be fashionable just because you want people to appreciate you. More than anything else, you must feel naturally good in order for you to radiate true comfort and style.

Shop for Different Styles and Designs

Make sure you have a wide variety of styles in your closet. With various designs, you can actually explore and find out which style perfectly fits your personality. Mix and match various designs but make sure you don’t look overdressed.

Don’t Forget to Workout

According to experts, ladies are more drawn to guys with nice chests and broad shoulders. Well, if you think you can’t achieve such ideal physique, then you are totally wrong. Nowadays, there are many ways for you to build some muscles on your arms and stomach. You can always go on a healthy diet or enroll yourself in a weight loss program.

Breaking from the Traditional Tuxedo Style

This an interesting question on formal dressing involving tuxedoes and tux shirts from one of my readers. This is becoming a common question among many men. So it would be good to have a basic understanding about the trend of tux in this 21st century.


My question is related to a black tie wedding I’ll be attending in Venice, Italy. I really don’t want to wear the traditional tux/rental and was wondering of other possibilities.

I have seen many people skipping the traditional style and wearing what looks to be black suits with long, black ties etc… I have a nice black hugo boss suit.

Could I buy the tie and tux shirt and go with that or is the bride going to give me?


Yes, traditionally you should be in a black tux with the cummerbands, black bow tie etc. However of late, there has been a modification of this look whereby:

The white shirt and black silk tie substitutes the tux shirt, black bow tie and cummerband.
the tux comes without tails but has the traditional satin lapels.
As a black tie affair is formal, a black suit will not be appropriate.

However, you may be able to get away with it provided the suit is well cut and its fabric has a sheen to it which suggests dressiness, for example 100% silk or silk + mohair.

Rather than a tux shirt, you can consider getting away with a cuffed white shirt which you can re-use for work. Also, you’ll need to get a good pair of patent black shoes which he can use again for formal events in the future.

Lastly, if you are the groomsman, then traditionally the bride and groom have the financial responsibility to provide you the tuxedo.

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Fashion Tips for Women Who Receive Frequent Party Invitations

Being dressed up for a party is often challenging. It can even take you hours before you can consider yourself ready for an event. For men, this time is usually short. However, the story is different when it comes to women. A woman can even take the whole day to prepare for a single event. There are numerous reasons that account for this. However, the most notable reason is the fact that women often have a hard time choosing the clothes to wear. This is because a woman’s mood and confidence is greatly affected by her external appearance. If you are a woman and you receive frequent party invitations, the following fashion tips are for you.

Look for a party dress that is in fashion
As indicated above, almost every woman’s mood and self-confidence is greatly affected by her external appearance. Therefore, women take their time when searching for a party dress to wear. In most cases, women find it hard to choose an outfit to wear. This explains why more than three quarters of the women out there would take too much time to simply choose a dress for an event. To avoid feeling low and less self-confident, always look for dresses that are in fashion. Women’s fashion keeps changing every day. The clothes that were in fashion a few months ago are not in fashion today. Try your best to visit the nearest boutiques to see if there are any new clothes that are latest in fashion.

Order a customized design
If you can manage to order a customized dress, you should do so. This alternative is often better than going to boutiques. This is because sometimes boutiques may not really have the kind of design that you want. For example, you may be looking for a cocktail party dress that has laces and fringes on some of its edges. A dress with such specifications would obviously be difficult to find. On the other hand, it may just be too expensive for you to buy. In order to wear a dress whose smallest details have been incorporated, you should order a customized one. This may even be cheaper than buying a dress from one of the boutiques near your area.

Take advantage of boutique reviews
When it comes to laying your hands on a perfect dress, it takes effort and determination. This can be attributed to the fact that the number of boutiques that are present on the market has increased. Take your time to read boutique reviews. This will help you to learn about the latest clothes in fashion. There are certain boutiques that are linked to high profile designers and manufacturers of clothes. As such, they are constantly renewing their stocks. Such boutiques are never short of the latest clothes in fashion. By reading reviews, you will be able to know which boutique is worth visiting when the time to attend a cocktail party, a prom night or an engagement party has arrived.

Help on Getting Men Fashion Tips

Acquiring men’s fashion tips are important to improve any aspect of your wardrobe. You will not believe the effect what you are wearing has on you and those around you, you will feel more confident and be more appealing to others.

Your friends can be a good resource for deciding on what looks good on a man and what doesn’t.  Find someone who dresses in a manner that you like and then ask how he put that look together. Being shy is not necessary. Don’t forget this is someone you know and rely on. He’ll be flattered when you tell him you like his style. You’ll get useful advice more often than not.

If you won’t be able to get over the shyness that comes from asking for help from a person you know you can go to a pro. Being so costly though, it may not be in your budget. It’s expensive to get fashion tips from a professional.

Combing magazines might yield valuable advice. Maxim, GQ,  & other magazines that showcase the male point of view, frequently will devote a portion of it to men’s apparel. In these magazines, professional men’s fashion experts share their knowledge on wearing men’s clothes. The written explanations and ideas for improvements that are in the magazines are fun and often are comedic. Be inspired by the pictures of the handsome male models sporting the clothes described in the accompanying articles.

In addition, it is possible to research online for more style suggestions. Progress on to Google and explore for “men’s fashion tips”, and you’ll be rewarded with a vast option of links to aid you out. It may be that some of these links connect to blogs of self-proclaimed fashion experts, who only remain stuck to their computers and load what they imagine to be men’s fashion and style, and there are some who divert you to common sites like AskMen, which give simple information and may divert you to You’ll find answers to questions about what type of hat, shoes, etc. will look good on you and plenty more.


Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

It is not a sin to be curvy, healthy or plus sized. A fit and healthy body is much better than a skinny one. It is wrong to repent if you are a plus sized woman and is not able to select the right dress for yourself. Hence, instead of lamenting over your body size, knowing some fashion tips can really help you to wear your dress in a comfortable and stylish manner.

Avoid wearing Tight clothes

Skin hugging clothes are an absolute disaster for plus sized women. Such clothes accentuate the body parts and make you look odd. Always keep a measuring tape handy whenever you plan to shop for clothes and know your exact measurements. Do not buy such dresses which are less in size than your actual one. Choose those clothes which are dark colored as they hide your weight to a considerable extent.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories can really spruce up your look if worn in the right way. Many fashion outlets which sell plus sized dresses for women offer accessories that complement those clothes. You can either purchase those clothes or can also try something creative. For instance: adding a scarf around your neck along with the dress will really make you look beautiful. Remember, you can replace a belt and use a scarf instead when you are wearing a jeans to create a fashionable look.

Wear the proper footwear

You can select the footwear according to your choice, but resist from wearing high heals or stilettos as it might be heavier for them to carry off your weight. Moreover, you might also face difficulty to walk comfortably by wearing them. Online shopping stores are the best place to find the right foot wears.


When it comes to hairstyle, you really have to manage way in such a manner that it looks stylish. Do you know that a right hairstyle can make you look much slimmer than your look? Yes, keeping the right mane really work wonders. Do not keep long hair, rather wear a short style instead. Do not keep it too short like a bob cut. Keep your curls around your neck so that it looks beautiful. Ponytail does not look good as they tend to highlight the chubby cheeks and the round portions of the face. Hence, do not try them. If you still have difficulty finding out the right hairstyle, seek the advice of a good hairstylist.